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    Premiere Pro CS 4 Video Preview


      I have upgraded after much deliberation from Premiere Pro CS2 to the new Premiere Pro CS4 and have a major issue.  Hope someone in the usergroup can assist with this.


      I am running an AMD Athlon 2.8 with 2ghz RAM, terrabyte drive (IDE), 256 MG AGP Nvideo GeForce graphics card.


      The issue is that when I capture a video project and want to edit it there is nothing in the preview window selected.  I can drag the footage to the timeline and again, in the second window there is nothing when playing back.  However, when I stop playback and click in the preview window the last frame is displayed.


      I can play again, audio works fine, but no video playback is rendered in the window.


      I never had any issues with CS2 working in this manner.  The above issue also occurs when a (working) CS2 project is opened in CS4 (after converting).  I have also read other forums about the 12bit 32 kHz and 16bit 48 kHz properties of Avi files but have tried different settings from my Sony camera without any change in results.


      Many thanks.

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          Two thoughts come to mind.


          Did you wait until Premiere had a chance to conform the clip before trying to play it? If not either try it in a new project or delete it from the project, rename it and import it again this time waiting for the conforming to be finished.


          The second thing, and the more likely judging from your problem, is a video card driver issue. Go to the NVidia Web site and make sure you are using the current drivers, which might be more up to date than those from Windows Update. Then poke around in the driver utilities settings and make sure Open GL is enabled.



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            Harm Millaard Level 7

            Look here, follow the included links and specifically answer all 16 questions at the end of the Wiki article, if you did not resolve your issue:


            Some suggestions

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              Ausdigital Level 1

              Thanks for the suggestions but alas no luck.


              I have updated Windows XP SP3 with all current updates.

              I have downloaded and updated the Nvidia GeforceFX5500 drivers (which were the ones I was using)


              I updated direct x to the latest version.


              OpenGL is not available or I don't know how to configure it.  Noticed this was greyed out in Photoshop and unable to select it.


              Also captured new footage with CS4 without success after it was conformed as suggested.


              I have no issues with CS2 which I have put back on the machine.


              Neither the source or preview windows display video footage with cs2 captured files, cs4 captured files, imported avi files.  But, noticed that if I created titles and imposed over static images they will display in the preview window but once it gets to captured footage it stops on the last frame of the title image.  The audio continues but the video does not.

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                Jim_Simon Level 9

                I believe CS4 requires OpenGL 2.0 or higher.  My guess is your card is just too old to run CS4, and that a newer one would resolve this issue.

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                  tokyoscoop Level 1

                  What version of Premiere are you running?


                  I just put Windows 7 on a spare partition here and installed PP 4.0. Things worked fine but when I applied the 4.1 update I started having the same problems as you in the video windows.


                  I had the same problems when I first installed Premiere on XP but an update to the video drivers solved the issue. My card, the Intel Mobile GM965 isn't a recommended one so I'm probably running Premiere out-of-spec and lucky to get anything. However, 4.1 worked find on XP but on Windows 7 (and maybe Vista) changed something that meant my set up was no longer good enough.


                  If you are running 4.1 and don't need the new features you might try uninstalling and then reinstalling 4.0 to see if that works before going for new hardware or a new PC.


                  Of course, a new PC would probably be best if money is not an object.

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                    Ausdigital Level 1

                    I am running CS4 as the 4.0 version.  I downloaded the 4.1 update and it changed nothing.


                    I should have mentioned earlier that I am using the PC as my Media Center server.  It runnings Media Portal but as there was no issue with CS2 I didn't think there was a connection.  Reading further into the forums I have seen issues with dual monitor setups.  This is my next step.


                    Not sure if OpenGL is required as suggested as I removed CS4 off the main machine and tried it on my work station successfully.  It is an Intel P4 2.6 Hypertheading chip with 1gig of RAM and onboard 64mb video.


                    Money is an object so I haven't upgraded the hardware, just the software.  Next year I will be looking into a more powerfull machine but for now I would like to have CS4 working on a machine that has been used successfully with CS2 for ages.

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                      Ausdigital Level 1

                      Here is an interesting knowledgebase - http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/408/kb408986.html


                      It may not be specific to my GeForce FX5500 card which is running driver version 175.15.  This is the latest driver for said card.

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                        When I set the audio to come thru my monitor speakers it works fine....If I switch it back to desktop audio the video freezes on playback to an external device...So try and switch the audio to external and see what happens....it works for me...

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                          Jim_Simon Level 9

                          If I switch it back to desktop audio the video freezes on playback to an external device.


                          That is a known bug.  The only current solution seems to be disconnecting the external device, or sending audio through it as well.

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                            Did you ever get this solved?

                            I have the same problem. I use a dual monitor setup and have a Radeon X1650 card.



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                              Ausdigital Level 1

                              No never resovled this issue on my media centre.  I installed it on another machine and had no problems.