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    CS4 aspect ratio issue


      I just switched from CS2 to CS4 and I'm having trouble with what seems to be an aspect ratio problem.

      I'm editing DV PAL widescreen. When I place footage sized 1024x576 pixels (1.0 aspect ratio) onto my timeline, the footage seems to narrow. As if something is wrong with the aspect ratio. Footage and images with these dimensions seem to be 'squeezed' by about 2.5% in width.


      What I get is this:



      Instead of this:



      Footage sized 720x576, with a 1.4587 aspect ratio, behaves normally.

      As far as I know, 1024x576 pixels are the dimensions of a PAL widescreen image. In CS2, I used to import titles and footage with these dimensions all the time, without a problem.
      I have tons of animations and stills with these dimensions I need to edit in a PAL widescreen project.
      Obviously, I don't want to simply 'stretch' them by adjusting the width.

      Am I missing something?
      Help would be much appreciated.