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    Unsupported format or damaged file? Importing Avid AAF files into PPro 4.1


      I have been trying all day to import Avid aaf into Premiere Pro 4.1.0. I went to Avid and Adobe forums and sites and thought I had it figured out by following the video tutorial on Adobe TV - "Open Workflows Between Avid and Adobe CS4" His Avid was running on a Mac on the tutorial. I believe I followed it exactly but I get an "Unsupported Format or Damaged File" message.  I run ver.4.1.0 on a WINDOWS XP machine.

      sSD 720x486 drop frame - no HD.  I am new to Adobe and Pro but I am loving After Effects and would love to transfer some of my old Avid footage over. Here is what I have been doing:


      In Avid

      I Select sequence on timeline


      Export As

      Save In: Desktop

      I Create an .aaf file name

      Export Setting: Link Audio and Video

      Options - Export As: AAF

      Export Method: Link to (Don't Export) Media - including all Video and Audio Tracks

      Save then Save


      In Premiere I double click in project bin

      Import - .aaf file from desktop - The project and files come up - The Audio plays fine but in program monitor a red box has  " Media Offline"

      Status:  Offline Importer Can't Open

      On the new project file I right click - Link Media  - Find my Avid media on my EXTERNAL Avid media drive

      Avid Media - Avid Media Files - MXF - 1- Find file by "Display Only Exact Name Matches" -

      Click on the correct .MXF file  to link to then - Select  - and get the "Unsupported Format or Damaged File" message.


      This is my first post and I usually can figure things out but I am stumped.  If anyone has had this come up or has any input for me I would be deeply appreciative. Thank you in advance.