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    Where is clarity?

    Casamagnolia-wSzxs8 Level 1

      I've used Photoshop for many years, but for several years now I've been using Photoshop only as a backend to Lightroom, mostly to use plugins, actually...  I recently got CS4 and am trying to learn about the new features.  Even CS2 had shadow/highlight, I've found vibrance.  But where is clarity?  I've done a search and apparently it can be found only in Camera RAW?  Can it really not be done in Photoshop?  In particular I wanted to apply negative clarity to see how it would look an image I'm working on.  Normally I would just wait until I go back to Lightroom to fine tune a picture, but that's really not the best way to work, I don't think.  In this case the picture will probably never be in Lightroom, certainly not at this moment.