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    Loading external movies or not?


      Hi everybody,


      I have always the argument with my colleagues which authoring strategy to use. I always attached to the idea of authoring several swf files, and have them all loaded to the main swf when needed. And than attach Preloader to each swf that I load.


      Others think that it should be only one swf with one preloader. And have all the navigation to use scenes or goto actions.


      So the advantage of using my strategy is that users will not wait too long for one movie when its being loaded. And its more convenient to work on several fla with each have its own layers, symbols, etc


      For them the fact that the whole movie is loaded is the advantage.


      What do you think?




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          Kalisto Level 4

          Load a multiple swf is good approach when the swf may act independenly. If the main movie need a symbols form library of more that one swf it is better to make one swf and load it. If you use actionscript to control the symbols one clip is better. To optimese time for downloading - download musics separeted from swfs

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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            What matters most is usually the user... what will keep their attention versus what will make them move along to some other web site.  There isn't one approach that solves this all the time, and sometimes you don't have the choice except to gamble losing their interest.


            If a site doesn't involve that much content then a single package approach will insure that the user only has to wait once, and not likely very long.


            When you start getting into megabytes worth of content, then you definitely want to start loading content dynamically, but you should still try to keep enough drama/interesting content readily available/presented to retain the user's interest while other content is loading.  If you can maintain a base of  minimum of built-in content, then you can load the remaining elements separately without the user being aware of it.  If you can have some form of entertaining page loading visuals (rather than the usual progress bar/percent loaded) then the user might be more inclined to want to see these intermissions and click more links within the site.


            I'm probably getting carried away though... the most important thing to a user is to not have to wait at all and to be able to easily find the information they are looking for.  Whatever quicly and clearly presents the user what they are looking for is the best design approach.

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              samifox27 Level 1

              Thanks guys for your detailed explanation,


              It is possible to load external swf in the background? I mean the main swf will be loaded with a standard Preloader but the rest will load individually in the background, only when they have finished to be downloaded the associate button will be enabled than….sound complicated, huh?



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                Kalisto Level 4

                Yes. It is possible and it is not hard to do.

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                  samifox27 Level 1

                  really? well how ?

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                    Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    It depends which version of actionscript you are using.  If you are using AS3 you can load separate swf's using instances of the Loader class and not add them to the display (by using addChild()) until they are called for.