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    Premiere Pro CS3 - exporting uncompressed AVI renderes black vid - help


      I'm putting together a small demo reel (just under 6 minutes) where the image quality is important above all things.  I was trying to export an Uncompressed AVI movie, 1920x1080 with 16bit 48Hz audio in Pro CS3 (I don't have access to a later version), which seems to work except the video is being rendered black (the final file is 32 gigs).  I tried testing this with a 5 second clip to see if the length or size of the file was causing the problem but it was the same.  The reason I am doing this is that I want to do my codec and burn to DVD in another program (AVS) and need to export the video as pristine as possible,  It didn't seem to make a difference if I chose "uncompressed AVI" or the "Microsoft AVI" and then made sure the video setting were set to uncompressed.  I am sure that the video is alright as I was able to create a "Microsoft AVI" as long as I chose some sort of video compression but then that file is being doubly compressed.


      I had heard mention that Premiere Pro (I am new to this package) should be able to export an uncompressed QT file as well but this option seems unavailable to me in the export options.


      I tried using the Premiere Encoder to go straight to DVD from Premiere (this is not for Blue Ray by the way - I just wanted to master at HD so taht, in the future, when I do re-edit for Blue Ray I'll already have this material worked out for that resolution) but it generates a single Mpeg2 files that my DVD burner doesn't want to use (it seems to want things to be in the VIDEO_TS/AUDIO_TS directory structure).


      Sorry for this layman stuff but any help is much appreciated.