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    How to set 2 dataProviders for 1 dataGrid?

    petousas Level 1
      <mx:DataGrid x="750" y="365" id="dataGrid2"  dataProvider="{deleteCouponResult.lastResult}" width="240">
                     <mx:DataGridColumn dataField="msg" headerText="message"/>

      The above dataGrid is used as a feedback area where i fill it with message from database operations like

      "Item succesfully inserted", "Can't insert item", "Deletion succesfull"...etc


      By this time i can only assign one callResponder to my dataGrid but i want also to these:

                <s:CallResponder id="getAllCouponsResult"/>
                <s:CallResponder id="setCouponResult"/>
                <s:CallResponder id="insertCouponResult" />


      My first thought wat to play with binding through actionscript but the below code worked only in the second time add button clicked

      protected function addButton_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
           dataGrid2.dataProvider = insertCouponResult.lastResult;
           insertCouponResult.token = couponsController.insertCouponAction(coupon);


      thanks you very much

      Using Flash Builder 4beta2 with flex 4

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          paul.williams Level 4

          Create a private variable in your component:



          private var gridData : ArrayCollection; // or whatever dataprovider type you are using


          Then set this property in the result event handler of each CallResponder, eg:


              result="gridData = ArrayCollection( event.result )"/>


          Then bind your grid's dataProvider to this private variable: