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    Directional Blur Affects Position of Clip?

    mariam91 Level 1

      Hi guys,


      When I apply the directional blur to a clip and adjust the amount, the clip moves to different positions depending on the angle and amount set. When I bring the amount back to '0' it goes back to its original position. I've seen the same thing happen at times when I use the gaussian blur but I haven't been able to reproduce that effect today, although the issue came up yesterday, and so I'm not sure that what's happening with the directional blur should be happening. I'm running Premiere Pro CS4 on a Mac. Sequence settings are the HDV 720p preset. I'd be happy to take screen shots if need be. I want to know if it's normal/if not how to get rid of it/how to get rid of it regardless? I've used other NLEs with the same effect and none of them had this issue.


      Thanks in advance.