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    Pixelated blurred video in PREmElem8

    longstorey Level 1

      I am new to preelm8 but have used videstudio9 for some time


      I bring into a new PRE project a video clip from a canon legria fs21 (24 bits 720x576 16:9 25Frames/sec mpeg-2 video upper field first, file fomat PAL DVD), i set the project preset to Hard disk flash memory camcorder, widescreen 48kHz, widescreen PAL video (16:9 interlaced), DVD PAL, 25fps, 720hx576v UFF etc. This should be the correct preset for the files from the FS21, am I correct ?.


      I then drop the video clip onto the timeline and play it in the monitor panel, it is blurred and pixelated and you can see this especially on the edges of anything that is moving, really quite poor. Interestingly if I play exactly the same clip from the ORGANIZE by just double clicking on it the video quality is very good why is there a difference?


      Back in the EDITER i right click the monitor panel and change magnification to 100% it is terrible so i just put it back to FIT, saw some comments about his on the forum. I hit return to render it, this makes no difference (in fact it doesn't render, no red bar going to a greeen bar) and surely it shouldn't, if my project settings exactly match the clip then there is no need to render if I have done nothing except drop the raw clip onto the timeline am I correct in this assumption ? this is true in videstudio9 for these mpeg clips, even when you burn to DVD it only renders menus, if the clips are unaltered from their raw state on the time line they don't need to be rendered


      If i follow the same process in videostudio 9 and play the clip in the editor the quality is fine !, Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong


      Interestingly if I go to share and export the timeline with the PAL DVD widescreen preset but with field order altered to UFF (default is LFF and exporting with it set to this gives terrible quality predictably I guess) then the quality of the file when burn't to a DVD is the same as the same file burn't to a dvd using videstudio 9 when viewed on the TV, so the problem just seems to be a playback issue when in the editor as far as I can see


      by compariosn if i import an HD file (robotica_720.wmv from ms web site), choose the correct project preset, dump it onto the time line and play it it is really good quality


      the computer is toshiba sat pro intel core 2 duo, 2.2Ghz, 2Gb ram176Gb free disk space win xp pro sp3


      any help would be much appreciated otherwise i guess it;s going to irritate me so much that it's $140 down the drain and back to VS9 which would be a pity as I like some other things in PRE    

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Well, first you've got to read the instruction book, storey.


          Before you judge the quality of non-DV video (such as video from a hard drive or flash drive camcorder) you need to render it. (See the red line on the timeline above your video clip? That means you need to render.)


          Press Enter. The program will render your video and display it in its true output quality. (The red line will also turn green.)


          If it still doesn't look good, you may have other issues. Like how you got the video from the camcorder into your computer. But rendering should certainly give you a better idea how the program performs with your source video.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            BTW, if you're using the Hard Drive/Flash Drive Camcorder project preset, you should NOT also manually change the field order of your video. The preset does this automatically, and you'll only end up reversing it again back to upper field first -- which you don't want.

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              longstorey Level 1

              HI Steve


              There is no red line, i don't think you need to render if the project settings match the clip setting and all you have done is drop the clip into the time line and nothihng else, if I press enter nothing happens, the clip was brought across using SDCOPY.exe this allows you to change the file extension from .MOD to .MPG and also gives the option to set the 16:9 flag in the header, if I get the clip from the camera directly using PRE it doesn't correctly set the 16:9 flag in the same way that the useless Pixela sw which ships with the camera doesn't either hence the thrid party sw, there's endless stuff about this issue on the forums it's a canon stuff up they are writing the apsect ratio info in some other file instead of the MOD.


              I also tried to import DV SD definition avi clips in via IEEE using PRE and the correct preset of course and I get the same hopeless quality when I play that back in the editer as well, again there is no red bar or rendering as the proj setting is identical to the clip.


              I agree that if i choose a preset that does not match the clip then I do see a red line as expected or if I add some text or a picture etc to the timeline then there is red bar too


              yup i understand the comment about flipping the field order the preset uses reverse field order page 44 of the manual, the project preset says UFF the MOD clip is UFF but the default FO in SHARE for the MPEG PAL DVD widescreen preset for output to PC is LFF and if you render with this any motion in the rendered mpeg is terrible, if you change it to UFF then it is fine.



              Anway I've pretty much given up with this now and I see BOB1984 is having similar problems but with another video format, time to find out how adobe custmer service works out when it comes to honouring their 30 day money back guarantee !

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                VDOSurfer Level 3

                Two things

                Is the clip playing well outside of the Premiere Elements application?

                What happens if you do not change the file extension from .mod to .mpg and import mod files directly? (I am not aware about sdcopy.exe, hope it does no other silent transcoding)

                The problem does not seem to the project settings or frame ordering. If it were, the results would've been different (Red bar, continuously corrupt playback etc)

                You could hold on to that copy of Premiere Elements because I am sure you are going to love it very soon like many others..

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                  longstorey Level 1

                  Hi VDOsurfer


                  yes the clips (SD mpeg and SD avi) all play just fine outside PE8 in VS9, VLC, WMF, nero etc and as I said they play just fine if you play them from ORGANISE part of PE8 this is what i find very odd as you would think that the same codec is used to play a given clip whether it be inside the monitor window of the editor or in the preview window of ORGANISE.


                  yer i tried direct import by hooking both the flash video camera and the old tape avi camera up to PRE8 and importing directly using the capture panel there is no difference same hopless picture quality and predictably PRE8 also fails to go and get the aspect ratio from the .MOI file (it's not in the .MOD file) and so the resulting video clip is not correctly formatted to 16:9 VS9 fails on this one as well, canons stupidity really.


                  So i've not got any further