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    CS3 won't work without a Microphone?

    aarongabbard Level 1

      After My old Laptop Died the other day (Which Run Windows xp) I got a New Toshiba Satelilite A215 (vista) With an AMD 64 x2 with 2gb of ram.


      When trying to use Adobe premiere Pro cs3 I get a "the currently installed sound card does not support direct sound input"  and then the program locks up,


      I have tried several times to go into my sound card and change things to fix it but i have no luck.

      I have a RealTek Hd Sound Card and The only way I can get it to let me use Adobe Premiere is to plug up a Microphone.


      this wouldn't be a problem at all if my laptop have the mic input on the side or back but its on the front.


      If anyone knows why i am getting this problem please help me out Everything works fine on my other computers (Except the New one) Could the problem be in windows vista because I have never had a problem like this with XP


      (BTW I have tried to use Asio4All Which fixes the problem with Adobe Audition 3.0 But DOES NOT work for adobe Premiere)