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        QuietFable Level 1

        Could you help me understand this?  Are you saying Adobe is going to force us into something like BC?  So small developers will not be able to write and customize code anymore.  We'll be forced to have to pay for Business Catalyst?  I service a lot of small companies that will not pay for BC.


        I guess it's like Ma Pa Grocery and Walmart - right?


        That's going to put a lot of people out of business.  Not that Adobe cares.


        I'm just trying to figure out if that is Adobe's game.  So I can react intelligently.


        I'm surprised because I thought Adobe made money selling DW to us small fry.


        You seem to have them figured out.  Hope you respond.


        MAYBE I should just forget PHP/MySQL and become a Photoshop designer -- just making the images and getting print (brochure, etc.) business.

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          well you should have got the answer by now.

          adobe doesn't want addt anymore, even microsoft goes better ways with expression web than adobe does by dying out addt.

          go to http://www.interaktonline.info/


          this will be some help on php 5.3. but as you see, donations are rare, thus, it won't live for long

          we are moving completly to zend studio and forget about dreamweaver, we are not even moving to cs5, no value for developers.

          high charges after high charges each year, the the things they develop for dreamweaver is for inexperienced users.

          anyone into development has to stay away from dreamweaver, period.


          the way adobe is acting and even microsoft acts better by integrating php  in there products tells a lot.

          so basically, old projects, use http://www.interaktonline.info/ and new projects, stay away from spry and adobe and move on to other products like zend, jquery, open source php frameworks and stuff like that.


          In my opinion, ADDT was one of the best products, and letting it die means the trust of a company like adobe is gone. any new features might be lost any time soon, and non interesting parts are integrated in new versions.


          I went to an adobe presentation about CS5, and was so much disappointed, they said a lot about photoshop, videotools, which was impressing, but dreamweaver wasn' t even mentioned, so figure yourself if it's worth getting it at all.

          Just my 5cent. A product like ADDT doesn't exist, tried some others, none really are good for any experienced developer, move back to text only coding, or use a framework other than Adobe is offering.




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            Hi Patrick,


            Sadly I agree with you. I think the worst thing that happened to web developement is Macromedia adquision by Adobe. I'm still using MACROMEDIA Dreamweaver 8 in some of my projects. In many aspects it is simply better than the current versions, specially thanks to Interakt extensions (the best thing I've ever found in ten years of web development).




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              It is a shame that Adobe decides to pull the rug from under us by discontinuing ADDT. Many of us depended on the extension to get our work done. Not being a highly experienced PHP programmer, the extension allowed me and my team to get great work done and of high quality I might add. Even if I was a PHP pro, the extension saves a lot of time when developing. SHAME SHAME.


              Does your project intend to retrofit ADDT and have it work with the new versions of DW? 


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