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    Formatting HTML test within Fireworks: How?

    thomasbricker Level 1

      So according to the only documentation I can find in the manual, this is what I do:


      "Type text in the Edit HTML Slice window, and format the text by adding HTML text-formatting tags."


      Ok great. Thing is there is not one more sentence about how to do this.

      And yes I want to do this in Fireworks and not Dreamweaver.


      How do I add text formatting tags?


      And how do you make said HTML text appear across all States?

      Does HTML text reside on an actual regular layer or does it reside in the Web Layer?


      Why is the documentation on this so nonexistent?

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          pixlor Level 4

          The instructions here: http://livedocs.adobe.com/fireworks/8/fwhelp/wwhelp/wwhimpl/common/html/wwhelp.htm?context =LiveDocs_Parts&file=10_slic4.htm

          work in CS3.



          You create an HTML slice and enter your HTML directly by clicking on the Edit button (which brings up a text entry box). The HTML slice appears to live on the Web layer. At least, in CS3.


          Hope that helps.

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            thomasbricker Level 1

            Well the instructions here are exactly what I am reading in the manual that came with Fireworks CS4.


            Oddly, these instructions for CS4 are the same instructions (or lack thereof) that appeared on this Macromedia help link form 2005.


            There are no instructions on how to format the text within Fireworks.

            Hitting edit only allows you to enter text in a pop up window. Nothing else.


            Is there no provision for adding styling tags?

            I really hope Im missing something...


            Also the type I enter in this HTML box doesnt even show up when in preview.

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              pixlor Level 4

              What I get from reading the instructions is that you type the tags. By hand. The text you type in this entry box is exported exactly and can then be edited later with Dreamweaver (code or design view) or an other application. The entry box is not a WYSIWYG editor. It isn't equivalent to Dreamweaver's design view, where you can, for example, select some text and click on a button with a B in it to set the text to bold face. If you want some text in bold face, you need to type the <b> and </b> around the text.

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                thomasbricker Level 1

                Seems oddly crude.

                With all the other bells and whistles that Fireworks possesses, they cant put in a simple html type formatting dialog box?



                And what of the fact that the type I put into my test file, simply didnt show up when I previewed it in a browser?

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                  pixlor Level 4

                  Fireworks is not intended to be an HTML authoring program. That's what Dreamweaver is. They are intended to complement each other: Fireworks for layout and graphics, Dreamweaver for HTML coding.


                  Fireworks is intended to be an application where you can design your layout in an efficient and intuitive way, then export your graphics. Along the way, you can export HTML for prototypes, if you need something active for approvals.


                  What, exactly, did you preview in your browser? If you exported HTML and images, then I would expect the HTML code in your HTML slice to be visible. If you previewed your Fireworks .png document (an image file), then the HTML slice would be in a proprietary section of the document and not be anything the browser would render. (Anything specific that Fireworks needs is in "extra" data sections in the file and is not available to any other program. I don't think it's encrypted or anything, it's just that other programs won't have the code to read the Fireworks-specific data. Even Photoshop doesn't.)

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                    Michel Bozgounov Level 2

                    Pixlor is right. Fireworks is not for HTML/CSS, Dreamweaver is. Yes, Fireworks can export as HTML & Images, or CSS & Images, but this is a side-feature, a sort of a "bonus". Adding an HTML editor for the HTML code box would be superfluous, IMHO, and would over-complicated the program. You'll need to add the HTML code to it manually, then check what happens on export.


                    If you need any more help, we'd be glad to offer it!