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    PE8 Capturing HDV

    smetlogik2 Level 1

      Currently have PE4 and film in HDV.  When capturing for YouTube I have to make sure my HV20 is on DV lock and the settings in PE4 are DV.   Or?  Use HDVSplit to capture HD.


      With PE8 will it capture HDV straight from my HV20?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional



          You can capture hi-def video as HDV direclty into Premiere Elements or you can capture standard DV if you use DV Lock.

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            smetlogik2 Level 1

            Took the leap and purchased PE8.   Question about capturing vid in HDV?


            When I choose the option to capture in HDV (using Canon HV20), I still get that choppy capture that was in PE4 when I tried capturing HDV through PE4. When I captured in DV with PE4, the video would run smoothly in the capture window so I could see when to stop, etc.  It also recognized scenes and would split those in the timeline.


            With PE8, the capture screen shows a screen shot every 5-10 seconds or so which makes it difficult to stop at specific points, that's what I mean by choppy capture.  The scene splitting doesn't seem to occur either.    In the end, I have one big scene to edit.   Overall the video plays and I can get it to You Tube with HD.


            Is this just the nature of capturing HDV or am I missing a setting somewhere?


            I'm using the HDV 720 capture setting.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              It sounds as though your system either doesn't have enough power to capture HDV (which is unlikely, if you can capture miniDV) or you've got some background process getting in the way. It could also be, if you are using Vista, that you haven't got the operating system optimized for video editing, per our FAQs to the right of this forum.


              But that's all hard to say without knowing your system and OS specs.

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                i_dream_of_jeannie Level 1

                Do you mean that using the same camera you were capturing in DV with PE4 but capturing n HDV in PE 8?


                Since your camera is HDV, you can directly say Get Media>HDV camcorder in PE 8. Even I experienced that while capturing in HDV, it does not show the preview in PE8. However, discovered that if you use the player controls once in the HDV capture window and then capture again, you might see the video being played while it is captured.


                As for splitting scenes, for HDV, you can only split by 'content' in HDV. So, if there is no obvious change in the content of your video, no split scenes will occur.


                In case of DV capture, once can split by timecode as well, which means scenes will be split based on whenever the camera is turned on or off.