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    Pixelated blurred video in PE8 - another


      I have learned more from this forum about various topics than from Adobe's help files.  Thanks to the folks who donate time and knowledge.


      Now on to my problem - blurred video in PE8 timeline.  I was importing VOB files.  Based on advice in other threads, I converted VOB files to AVI and backtracked from QT 7.6.4 to 7.5.5, rendered timeline.  No help.  Specifics follow.


      Obtained MPEG_Streamclip 1.2.

      Obtained QuickTimeMPEG2 (only version available from Apple is 7.60.902.0 which will only install with QuickTime 7.6.4)

      Used Streamclip to convert VOB to AVI.

      Both original VOB and generated AVI played well in Streamclip

      The AVI played well in Windows Media Player 11,.0.574.5145

      In QuickTime 7.6.4, VOB played video okay but with no audio

      In Quicktime 7.6.4, AVI played video very blurry (worse than VOB in PE8) but audio okay

      In PE8, VOB imported to timeline was blurry even after rendering and or changing display to 100%

      In PE8, generated AVI imported to timeline was blurrier than the VOB

      Uninstalled QT 7.6.4 and installed QT 7.5.5

      All of the above problems (playing in QT and PE8) were exactly the same



      Dell Inspiron 530

      2Quad CPU

      2.40 GHz

      nVidia GeForce 8300 GS with 512 MB and 191.07 driver set

      XP Pro SP3 fully patched

      DirectX 9.0c

      Quicktime 7.6.4

      All non essential services shut down



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Try a different approach.


          Start a new project. Use the DVD/Hard Drive Camcorder project preset.


          Bring in the VOB as is. Put it on the timeline. Then go to Share/Personal Computer/DV-AVI. See if that gives you better results.\


          If not, it could be the original VOB. Remember MPEGs and VOBs can use a little or a lot of compression, depending on how they're set up. And heavy compression makes for an ugly file, no matter what you convert it to.

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            Bob1984 Level 1

            Well, I tried your suggestion, Steve.  The AVI generated from the VOB was about the same size as that generated by Streamclip.  Both AVIs played clearly in Windows Media Player and Streamclip.  However, the new one was just as blurry when played in QuickTime or in  PE8 timeline.  You suggested that if your method did not improve the problem, it could be due to overcompression of the VOB resulting in an "ugly: file.  However, if that were the case, why would I be able to generate an AVI which played clearly in WMP and Streamclip?



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You're right, Bob. It doesn't make sense. And I'm not sure why you're seeing seeing lesser quality in a Quicktime Player or when you bring it into Premiere Elements.


              But trust this: If you've got a clean-looking AVI that looks good in Windows Media Player, then you're there. Don't worry about how it looks when you place it in a Premiere Elements project. If there's no red line above the clip when you place it on your timeline, it will give you great results.


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                Bob1984 Level 1

                Unfortunately, an avi (produced from VOB in Streamclip and run clearly in WMP or Streamclip) does not run clear in PE8 except in Organizer (as Longstorey also found).  Once taken into PE8 and placed on Sceneline or Timeline and then saved (Shared) without even any editing as avi again, the saved clip is as blurry in WMP and Streamclip as it was in PE8 Sceneline/Timeline. I will post a followup to my problem with blurred titles as it probably relates.