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    Invisible Buttons aren't invisible?? help.


      ok so i am creating a simple website in Flash that has a small gallery with 4 different genres/types of image; each loading loading up about 5 images to the lower part of the website. These can then be clicked on to be enlarged. When a new genre is loaded the old one disappears. Since i am new to Flash I know i have done this hugely inefficiantly and could have used more advanced functions and xml but I didn't have time to learn that so sorry. The image below shows how the images are inside four folders (vexels,digital,photos,other). My Problem occurs when I try to enlarge any of the images in the lower 2 folders by clicking on them (not just photos&other as shown but just any in general) where the images on the the 2nd to top layer (digital in this case) cover them up and instead enlarge when they should disappear as the last frame of the timeline inside of them is blank. What has got me stuck is why its the 2nd layer over the 3rd and 4th not the first layer over the others as they're the same(1st & 2nd). My coding is 550lines long as every image is individually coded so I won't post unless your up for it.



      i've got till tues, pls help, this is a seriously last resort.




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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I am finding your problem description to be very confusing.  I have read it a few times and cannot determine what you are having a problem with, especially when your title seemingly doesn't relate to what you seem to be describing.  Maybe if you can focus your description on just one of the pieces that is part of the problem, then it might be clearer and solving for that one case may lead to solving the rest.


          Getting back to the topic title... if you have made the buttons invisible by setting their alpha property to zero (0), they are still active.  If you set their visible property to be false they will be both invisible and non-active.

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            moccamaximum Level 5

            Post the whole fla file with images removed, then you will get real help:-)