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    cfpod overflow in IE

      Good day!
      I'm having a problem with the cfpod tag in coldfusion 8 - seems to be an issue in IE only. When the pod contents exceed the pod's defined width, Firefox correctly maintains the width of the pod and adds a horizontal scroll bar to the bottom of the pod. IE, on the other hand, displays the full width of the content, causing the pod body to be wider than it should be (although the header maintains the defined width.) The culprit in IE appears to be the 'ypod' class on the 1st <div> that coldfusion generates - it has an inline style which includes an "overflow: visible;" attribute. If I change that in the generated code so that first <div> has "overflow:auto" and view with IE, it looks the way it should, i.e. it stays within the defined pod boundaries. Any ideas on how I can override this to get pods to display correctly in IE? Here is some sample coldfusion code that demonstrates the problem: