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    Custom data list resizing


      Hi! I have created a custom data list in Catalyst Beta 2, defined its repeated item and put a scrollbar inside it. I'd like to use this data list in multiple places, in different sizes of course, but I cannot change the size, only when editing the list's parts and resizing the repeated item area (but it affects all instances of course). When I place an instance of the list onto the canvas, it is not resizeable, it has no draggable squares in the corners and also width and height properties are disabled in the Properties panel. How can I create a resizeable data list?


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          acath Level 4

          Hi Attila,


          Unfortunately, the first version of Catalyst doesn't support creating resizable components. This is a high priority for future versions.


          Here's what you can do in the meanwhile:


          1) Create the resizability in Flash Builder - you'll have to write some simple constraints code. Let me know if you need some learning resources.


          2) Duplicate the component at two different sizes. There are two ways to duplicate a component:




          •   Right-click in the Library panel, choose "Export a library package", right-click again, and choose "Import a library package". This will duplicate ALL your components, so you'll need to delete the others.


          •   Select an instance of the list in question, right-click and choose "Revert component to artwork". Then right-click again and choose "Create component from artwork > List". You're now re-creating another copy of your list.


          I realize these are cheesy solutions, but that's what we got in the current version.


          Good luck,


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            tenegri Level 1

            Thank you Adam, good to know that this is not implemented yet. I know that everything can be done in Flash Builder, but this time I tried to use Catalyst alone as an application prototyping tool (clicks and drags only, without writing any code) for creating proof-of-concept UI demonstrations.


              Thank you again,