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    Flex compile question


      Since my "New to Flex swf question"  is not answered I try this new thead.

      I try to compile a mxml file to get a swf output. The help document say that I build the file in project>build but the only outputs I get, are my assets folder and the style.css file but no swf or html file. When I run it, as is obious I get an error about "file not found: path to/myfile.html " since I do not have any html created on my output folder. I think the compiler is supposed to build it cause I have set that in pject properties> flex compiler properties.


      Q 1: What the compiler output? the html of the mxml project file or the template that is in the html_template folder when you create the project.

      Q 2: The compiler is supposed to output the swf from the mxml project file or rewrite the playerProductInstall.swf?

      I search the help file, google and the flex forum to similar problem but i did not find anything.

      I hope someone help me with this question.

      Thanks in advance.

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          paul.williams Level 4

          If you have "Project->Build Automatically" switched on then as soon as your create a new Flex Project it will be automatically compiled and you will be able to run it. A swf file and an html file will be created in bin-debug.


          Please try this without making any changes to the new project's configuration and confirm you are able to run the application.

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            levancho Level 3

            when you get partially built content in bin-debug folder that means there is an error in your code,  so build stops at compile step,


            have a look at errors , which is under problems windows and make sure there are no red icom messages,

            yellows are fine

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              pao1011 Level 1

              .thanks for the sugestion and yes I got an error but I think is out of my league since I do not know much about AS. It's an override function that is disabled in the object. I'm using the sample source of the FMS video player so I create another player, just to learn fex but seems is too advance for my knowledge. But if you got any sugestion is greately appeciated


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                levancho Level 3

                what does error message say?

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                  pao1011 Level 1

                  --1020: Method marked override must override another method. vPlayer/src/fl/video DynamicStream.as line 308 --

                  this is the error code








                  override public function play2(param:NetStreamPlayOptions):void


                  throw new Error( "The play2() method has been disabled for this class. Please create a separate NetStream object to use play2().");




                  I'm recreating the video player from fms,  of course just the components  not the scripting because I'm not good in AS

                  Thanks for responding