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    Video Card: Cores vs RAM


      I am looking into upgrading the video cards on my system, with the primary intention being to speed up OpenGL applications, primarily After Effects.  I have narrowed down the field to two choices based on price and performance:


      2x Geforce GTX 260 w/ 1792MB RAM

      2x Geforce GTX 275 w/ 896MB RAM


      I will be alternating between SLI and non-SLI depending on the application and how many monitors I want to use.  What I'm trying to determine (and have had no luck) is whether I would see better performance with the faster and higher number of processing cores in the 275, or the doubled RAM of the 260.  They fall within $5 per card of each other, so price is a non-issue at this point.


      Thanks for any assistance!



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Sorry, you are looking in the wrong place. AE's OpenGL is limited at best and it does not use SLI. On the contrary, with SLI being active, OpenGL will be disabled. So for all intents and purposes, what you buy is utterly moot at this point. A single such card would be enough to feed pretty much all of Adobe's applications, including AE. You are better advised to buy a single GPU card with lots of RAM, that can just as well feed two screens with the added benefit of being compliant with AE.



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            managerofmirth Level 1

            Thanks!  I actually use 4 monitors for some applications, so a pair of cards is a necessity for me.  I'm currently running one GTX 260 and one GT9400, which works just fine most of the time, with the exception being consistent failures of OpenGL in AE (which are annoying, but not fatal).  I'm thinking I might just wait a while to make a purchase... I'm pretty sure I can make do until they announce any new and exciting features in CS5 that I'll want to make sure I'm prepared for.