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    Premeire Elements 7.0 Video Card Error


      I have created a movie using the program and most of it appeared fine while I was building it.  The "text overlay" I have running across the top however keeps kind of fading in & out.  The video appeared fine however.  I figured it was maybe a display problem on my monitor so I kept going.  After completion I burned it to dvd and now, not only does the text flicker & fade the video is all messed up too; flickering between what looks like a positive & negative image.


      During building the bottom left corner showed the little yellow icon and upon clicking I got this message:


      "Desktop Display Mode has been reset because the video card returned an error.  Please reset the Destop Display Mode in the Playback Settings dialog as this may impact your playback performance"


      This message leaves me confused as where to go.



      I have used the program before to build various movies and never encountered this issue/error before.


      I'm pretty sure all the software on my computer is up to date as I always run the update programs.


      I have searched the issue but only come up with a 3 year old post that lead to no answer.


      Please help !