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    Premiere Elements 7 Crashing on Share > DVD every time on Vista 32

    Pwscott Level 1

      I am running Premiere Elements 7 on Vista Home Premium 32 bit. The machinse is up to specs, quad core, 3GB RAM, Ge Force 9500GT etc. I'm in the US using NTSC. Drive C; has 127GB free and E:, also internal, has 73GB free. Both get defragged and they get cleaned with CCleaner etc.

      I had not used PE7 in a while and I shot video of a birthday party at a go kart track on Canon HV-20. I imported the video, edited it, added quicktracks music and exported the result as DVD going to folder 4.7GB as per Appendix of Muvipix Guide. [note no crash when I did this] I then burned that TS_Video folder to a DVD but it didn't play on DVD player. So I came back to PE7 to try writing an actual DVD directly.

      Whenever I click Share > DVD now I get an immediate crash of the program. Windows provides this info in that error box:

      Problem signature:
         Problem Event Name:    APPCRASH
         Application Name:    Adobe Premiere Elements.exe
         Application Version:
         Application Timestamp:    48cee0db
         Fault Module Name:    StackHash_a34a
         Fault Module Version:
         Fault Module Timestamp:    00000000
         Exception Code:    c0000005
         Exception Offset:    00000000
         OS Version:    6.0.6002.
         Locale ID:    1033
         Additional Information 1:    a34a
         Additional Information 2:    c9c5f4fd744690d388ab9d5b3eb051a7
         Additional Information 3:    cb2e
         Additional Information 4:    650bb5690556a17e911375b94d3e16f0

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        I had to go Task Managaer > Processes and end the APE7 process before I could launch the program again....but the I tried another project entirely, an older one that was shot on a Sony DV Cam and it caused the same crash.

      I cleaned the temp files and registry, restarted....same thing. So I went to this document:


      ...and started working through troubleshooting steps. I did this so far:

      1. Make sure that the system meets the minimum requirements for Adobe Premiere Elements 7

      2. Install the latest version of Premiere Elements.
      checked, no updates available

      3. Install current Windows service packs and other updates.
      check, every single one is installed on this system. I run CS4 with PSCS4 Extended and Lightroom 2.5 all the time here.

      4. Re-create the Premiere Elements PluginCache.
      This I could not do. Holding Shift on starting APE7 had no effect. It just brings me to the Phosotshop Online signing screen on the elft with Open or Instant Movie on right etc.

      5. Re-create the Premiere Elements preferences folders.

      Could not find them at that location. Will come back to that as I have done complete reinstall of APE7 and deleted evrything I could find at that time.

      6. Disconnect IEEE 1394 devices.

      check, not a startup problem anyway

      7. Troubleshoot third-party plug-ins.

      Have not installed any

      8. Run Premiere Elements in a new user account.

      check, crashes same way

      9. Run Premiere Elements while no other applications run in the background.

      check, very limited set of apps running

      10. Update the video card driver.

      check, latest Nvidia GeFroce9500GT driver installed, also tried previous version, no effect


      11. Verify that other device drivers are compatible with Windows.

      check, devices were made for an work fine in Vista32


      12. Troubleshoot QuickTime.

      check (**PARTLY!**)...I have the latest QT Pro 7.6.4 and latest iTunes installed and working fine.

      HOWEVER,  I do have an issue in PSCS4 where I am not able to open QT Movies in Photoshop. The only response from Adobe's support ticket has been I should upgarde to QuickTime 7.1 or later...Duh, I have 7.6.4 and had said that in ticket. May be this is related?? May be it's a CODEC issue? I do have alot of CODECs on the machine that were set up by Zoomplayer's install center ioncluding latest DiVX etc.....but that should be OK I would think???


      13. Check for codec problems.

      See #12 above...do I disable every CODEC?? Not sure where to with that....?????


      I did read this..."..If you are not certain which codecs should remain on your system, contact Adobe Technical Support for additional help.

      To temporarily disable a video or audio codec, see "Temporarily disable a codec (Windows Vista)" (TechNote kb404892) for details....."


      14. Identify the file that causes the problem.

      Check, any do. Have a number of Elements projects, each of them causes the problem. Even creating a new project with two scenes in timeline and choosing Share > DVD will crash it now.


      15. Remove and Reinstall Premiere Elements.

      Check- ran uninstall, dleted all APE7 and APE4 folders I could find and ran CCleaner on temp files and regsitry.

      RE-downloaded APE7 from Adobe Store and after a reboot installed it. Rebooted. Boom same crash.


      16. Check for font problems.

      Uh, I have only added three fonts to what's in the system...any others were installed by Adobe CS4 Design Premium...didn't spend any time on this.

      17. Set the virtual memory paging file to the default size.

      Have not tried this.

      18. Optimize handling of temporary files by Windows

      19. Repair and defragment hard disks.

      check, do that regularly. Most of my content lives on a 4TB Drobo anyway, but all the APE7 edits have been with fast internal drive that is not fragmented and has lots of room. All scratch disks are set to E: internal SATA 7200 drive...Vista is on C:


      20. Scan the system for viruses.

      Absolutely clean. Running Norton360 and have run exhaustive checks and scans with help from the Tweaks guys including ESET online scanner- Absolutely clean of malware, spyware, trojans, viruses, rootkits or even tracking cookies!


      21. Visit the Adobe User to User Forums.

      Tada! Here I am.


      22. Reinstall your capture card software.

      No cpature problems....it's built in FW13945 on my HP Media Center m8120N and has always worked fine.


      23. Contact Adobe Technical Support.

      Awww man.....really?


      Other stuff I have done and summary:


      ## I've read Steve say these kinds of problems are often Audio Driver problems. I have now installed latest Audio drivers from Realtek HD and Haupagge...latest are there and they work fine. Still crash.


      ## I've flashed both of my DVD writers drives, which are SATA, to latest Firmware and verified them.

      Final note, I CAN share a file and choose to upload it to YouTube which is what I did with the Birthday video.

      I have tried rendering the whole timeline before clicki9ng on Share > DVD still  immediate crash. I *WAS* able to go there when I first edited this rememebr and I saved the DVD to a 4.7GB folder.

      Thanks for any help!



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