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    Photo Album Placement on Home Page

    TractorMom Level 1
      Dreamweaver MX 2004, Fireworks MX 2004
      I have created a photo album and it works just fine in the separate document created by DW. I cannot, however, place the photo album on my home page, where I want it to reside. I've tried inserting the photo album file as a Fireworks HTML Image Object thru the "Inser" command, and get an error message that tells me the file is not a Fireworks HTML file. I've tried to copy and paste the code into my home page, and none of the links were working. I changed the links and the thumbnail files now work, but when I try to open a larger version of the thumbnail, the file is not found. I've worked on this until I'm numb (or dumb!). Is there a simpler way to import the photo album file into the home page document and have the photo album work properly?