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    How to add additional lines to the Order Form template?


      I purchased and installed Acrobat Pro 9 because of its ability to create forms and found the Order Form template is just perfect for what I need, why reinvent the wheel, right?   Except I found I can't figure out how to add additional object that duplicate what is already there.  I highlighted an entire row and tried to just copy and paste but the past function put the copied objects at the bottom of the form in what looks like a group, all out of order.  I tried looking in the online help for a possible key combination that would inset an additional row of objects but couldn't find any.


      Also the form doesn't move down and create a new page keeping all the other elements in line, it moves to the bottom of the current page and stops.   Thought the template was based on a table so I was going to insert additional rows thinking once it reached the bottom of the current page it would automatically break to a new page and continue, but it's not a table.  So my question is, how can I add duplicate object that match the Order Form templates Item, Description, etc. objects?  I've come to realize learning to use this product is not going to be as simple a proposition as I was lead to believe.  O well, live and learn!


      If someone can point me in the right direction, any help is greatly appreciated.


      Tony Rodriguez