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    PE7 import and split scene


      I know I've seen this somewhere before but can't seem to find it. I have two recordings from different angles that I am trying to put together for one film, in HDV. Smart tagging isn't much help because of the two different angles. I already have the files on my PC, but I thought there was a utility that would spilt the files for you based on time and date stamp. Can someone tell me what the best way to approach this would be? TIA

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I'm not clear what you're trying to split and tag, John.


          You say  you have two different videos of the same scene from different angles?

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            johnrfrost Level 1

            Correct. I have two files on my computer, one from each camera and each camera is from a different angle. More specifically, this is a football video. I am piecing together (painfully) each play from both angles. For example, the first two scenes will be two scenes from opening kick off, one for each angle. The next two scenes will be the next play from each angle, and so on. When I used to do this with DV footage I could detect scenes by the start and stop of the camera based on time stamp.That method made it a lot easier to match up plays since both people pretty much start and stop with the whistle. My problem now is that this is recorded in HDV, you can't auto detect scenes based on the time stamp like you could with DV. I've tried using smart tag on each video clip, but the two different files are so out of sync that it would be less time consuming to manually splt each scene.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              This might be tough to do, now that you've captured the video. (Premiere Elements 8 and HDVSplit both break HDV captures into scenes based on timecode.)


              As I'm sure you know, you can split video clips into pieces, based on content or time, by right-clicking on the clip in the Project media panel and selecting Scene Detect. I'm not sure that will get you want you need though.


              This program will do it -- but I don't think it works for HDV.



              It might be worth posting this over on the Muvipix forum. The experts over there might have some ideas for you.


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                johnrfrost Level 1

                Unfortunately, since I haven't had 7 even a year yet, I'm going to have to wait before spending the $ on the upgrade to 8. I righy clicked on the video clip and used detect, but it never comes back with anything detected. From what I've read on the scenalyzer, you are correct. It is intended for DV, if I read it right. Just posted my question on the Muvipix forum. Thanks.