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    Purchasing the right program for PageMaker 6.5 files


      Apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong forum.


      I'm getting back into what we used to call "desktop publishing" and need to upgrade my software and skills. Previously I used PageMaker 6.5 on Windows XP professional.


      Now I'm on Vista and need to purchase the right program and have been looking at CS4 design standard. Will the version of InDesign in this edtion of CS4 open the existing .p65 files I have?


      I have seen mention of using PageMaker 7 on 30-day trial to open the files and then export to another program. So will PM7 work on Vista? (thought I read somewhere that it won't run on Vista, but then couldn't find the page again ...)


      My end goal is to use the existing files I have (mostly text but some with lots of graphics) and have the latest version software necessary for laying out small projects and the occasional book with lots of graphics.


      All comments gratefully received. Thanks