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    Flash or Flex?


      I am like many other am confused about Flash and Flex.  What confuses me is how many or want tools do I need to achieve my target application.


      Here is what I am trying to do:


      We have lots of log information (syslogs, database logs...etc) which is in CSV format.  I need to present this information to key management about the activiites from the logs in Visual format but still has dynamic links.  For the management sake, I need this application to be cross platform (Windows, MacOSX, Linux).


      What tool do I need to use Flash, Flex or (something else like Java)?


      If it is Flash or Flex, then how much would it cost?


      Thank you in advance for any help.




      PS - BTW, please don't send me URLs which explain the differences between Flash and Flex.  I already did that and I am still confused hence the post.

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          pauland Level 4

          Flex is oriented towards informational applications, with plenty of support for tables of information, etc. So I would go with Flex.


          How much will it cost? The price of Flex is on the Adobe website - I'm sure you wouldn't expect a quote on the application given the information provided..

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            mraak Level 1

            Do you need an in-browser solution? If yes, then you have following technologies you can use:


            HTML + Javascript

            Flash, Flex



            There are  others but these are most common.


            Easiest way to just get something on screen is HTML, you can even build some charts easily, etc.


            But if you want to do some live data processing and allow user to interact with the data, if you want more shiny animated graphs, then go for Flash or Flex. I don't know enough about Silverlight to recommend it.


            Flex and Flash both have built in components to make your jobs easier. However, Flex has an advantage of auto scaling containers, for visual elements to resize and reposition based on screen size, other elements, etc.


            For the task you have I would definitely choose Flex.