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    Have you seen this with PE 8?

    kkolbo Level 1

      I have been evaluating Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements 8 for work.  We are looking at 5,000 units a year with an installed base of 50,000. That means our considerations are not just bell and whistles.  I purchased the two and started working with it.  I have completed nothing to date. In the past 72 hours ...


      I have fought with install issues, had the license stop working and now this one.


      When I close PE for some reason it starts doing some process that never exits.  During operation, the program only uses about 30% of my CPU.  Once I close it, the windows close but the process in task manager starts running at 45-55% and keeps doing that until I force the process to stop or I shut down the computer.  I have left it alone for a couple of hours to see if it was just left over tasks that were finishing and then would exit, but no such luck.


      This would be a deal killer, along with the license issue.


      Anyone else seeing this?

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          I just posted "Splash Screen and not beyond... Closes abruptly? PE8 WinXP SP2" (anybody, feel free to check it out and help me)


          I noticed the process in the background too, well, 'cause my computer slowed down alot.

          "3. After trying to get things working, "ElementsAutoAnalyzer.exe" is taking up 100+ mb

          ram in the background. What is this thing?"


          I hope you have good luck, I'm glad you're testing the software, I just went to best buy and bought a copy,

          oops, Best Buy purchases are not covered with the $20 rebate, but that's after the fact.


          Sorry it's not a 10 pt answer or anything... My head still hurts....



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            Keith, why haven't you contacted Adobe with these issues?


            With so many licenses at stake, I'm sure they'll help you walk through your system issues and troubleshoot your problems.


            This program will run great on good hardware with the right source files and and up to date operating system. I'm running it very successfully on two computers -- and XP and Windows 7 model.


            But it can be hard to troubleshoot complex system issues on a forum.


            Adobe, though, should jump to helping you.

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              kkolbo Level 1

              I waited on the phone for an hour each time I called tech support, and never got through last week.  I did input an on-line tech ticket.  Someone suggested that I purchase a $1,200 support plan so that I can reach tech support.  That is 10 times the cost of the applications.   The forum members and their personal FAQ pages have been a lot of help.  Since these are consumer apps and low cost, I can not say that I would expect much in the way of tech support.  The user base on the other hand has been GREAT   The user base has also helped me gauge the frequency of these issues.  With such a large variety of systems in various conditions as my employer's install base, that is an important consideration.


              My test hardware is excellent and up to date with the exception of I am not migrating to Windows 7 just yet. I update drivers before every evaluation and I clean up the registry and such religiously.  These are not attributes that I can expect the end users to be able to say. In short, PE is feature rich and good with specific compression formats; although a little limited.  It has good facilities for the novice/uninterested, and actually is very powerful for advanced users. Unfortunately, like Avid, it may be a bit finicky with varying hardware configurations.  For a consumer app, that is a liability.  We need a robust application. 


              I thought that if there were any issues it would come from the use of GPU processing.  Surprisingly, this has not been the case. PE seems to have navigated that well. 


              I am going to recommend that we go with another application that is a pinch more expensive to purchase, but will save us more than the difference in support and training costs. 


              Since I am a production professional rather than an IT guy, I don't know if my evaluation will carry that much weight. The sales lunches with upper brass may carry more weight.   

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                ruffhouseutah Level 1

                For what it's worth, I found the answer to this problem on another post, applied it, and it worked for me.


                You need to go into the Organizer, then Edit, then Preferences, then turn the Auto-analyzer off... that's the offending program that's a resource hog and doesn't properly turn off when you shut down the software.


                Good luck...!


                P.S. Which other software did you decide to go with? Vegas? I've been some side-by-side comparisons and was about to choose PE 8...

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                  kkolbo Level 1

                  Thanks for the suggestion.  I tried it including restarting and avoiding the welcome screen.  It is the main executable that keep goings in the processes after the application window has closed.  Bummer.

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                    kkolbo Level 1



                    It is not appropriate for me to talk about or mention another NLE in an open Adobe forum. If you would like to private message me, I will send an e-mail and discuss it with you.  I work with a number of NLE's, and many of them are good tools.  Each has is strengths and weaknesses.  The best one really depends on the specific needs and uses. In other words, different strokes for different folks.

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                      Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                      Keith, I won't censor any references to other programs on this forum -- and your suggestions may be helpful to others.


                      Please feel free to make recommendations. The most important thing is that everyone finds software that best fits their workflow.

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                        Mike Iampietro

                        Hi Keith


                        I'd like to connect you with the correct resources here at Adobe. Could you give me a lttle more detail on you evaluation: What type of enity will be purchasing? Is this a corporate installation, or a school district, or something else?




                        Mike Iampietro

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                          Schilfers Level 1

                          You work with this misfit on Windows 7?

                          Well I got news for you, this is what i wrote to Adobe


                          Clean installation of Windows 7 and PE8 on 1 PC Dell Dualcore 4gb ram (W7/64) and 1 PC Quadcore 6600 4GB ram (W7/64 and W7/32) so on 2 different PC which means three different W7 and PE8. Results the same for all three!!! Impossible to work with. Crashes all the time. I have read on the forum that i am surely not the only one. I also read that Adobe even didn't test this product on W7. Are you serious??? Finnaly finished the project which I started in P E 7 without any problem, and continued afterwards in a clean installation with Windows 7 and PE8, but cannot render it now to a DVD or AVI. Only solution I have now is to go to somebody with a Pr Pro CS4 to import it there and make AVI from it. Problem is that a lot of transistions are not included then! To much troubles and job for this prebeta working misfit for which I regret already much the investment.. No help despite numerous crash reports. Shame on Adobe !!


                          Other ( They don't know yet Windows 7 !!!!!)

                          Nvidia Geforce 8600



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                            kkolbo Level 1

                            Dear Mr. Iampietro,


                            I appreciate the offer, but I think I have gathered all of the information I was seeking.  I was evaluating the ease of use, stability, and performance.  With the help of the fine folks on the forums, I was able to do all of that.  Based on my evaluation, I do not need to contact anyone at Adobe at this time.  I will make my reccomendation, as others will, and the appropriate folks will make a choice.  If they choose PSE and PE, they will contact the appropriate folks at Adobe.  Channels of communication at that level are already in place.


                            Considering the dollar amount invovled, it is not appropriate for me to indetify the entity or market that I was doing the evaluation for in a pulic forum such as this.  I consult for a number different clients with different needs.  Most are under NDA's.