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    Add to Purchase Order Template in Designer ES8.2


      I purchased and installed Acrobat Pro 9 because of its ability to create forms and found the Order Form template is just perfect for what I need, why reinvent the wheel, right?   Except I found I can't figure out how to add additional object that duplicate what is already there.  I highlighted an entire row and tried to just copy and paste but the past function put the copied objects at the bottom of the form in what looks like a group, all out of order.  I tried looking in the online help for a possible key combination that would inset an additional row of objects but couldn't find any.


      Also the form doesn't move down and create a new page keeping all the other elements in line, it moves to the bottom of the current page and stops.   Thought the template was based on a table so I was going to insert additional rows thinking once it reached the bottom of the current page it would automatically break to a new page and continue, but it's not a table.  So my question is, how can I add duplicate object that match the Order Form templates Item, Description, etc. objects?  I've come to realize learning to use this product is not going to be as simple a proposition as I was lead to believe.  O well, live and learn!


      If someone can point me in the right direction, any help is greatly appreciated.


      Tony Rodriguez

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          pguerett Level 6

          First thing is to determine what type of form you want (Static Interactive, Dynamic, Dynamic Ineractive etc ....)You are looking at the Dynamic Interactive sample and without understanding how dynamic forms work you will find it difficult to modify. Most people start with static forms and when they have that mastered they add some simple dynamic capabilities to it. Then they get more complicated with full dyna,ic interactive capabilities (like th epne you are looking at).


          Can you describe what you want your form to do then I can potentially suggest a more appropriate sample.



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            Tony_Rod Level 1

            Thank you for the reply pguerett.  I didn't realize there were so many choices to make.  I bought Acrobat 9 Pro because I was told I could make interactive forms.  I was not told about the various types of forms that you describe.  As I have already spent the money I am determined to learn how this works.  I know what you mean by a static form, but not sure about dynamic and dynamic interactive.  Can you point me to some samples of each kind of form you referred to?


            As to your question, what I would like to do is learn how to increase the number of rows under the Item, Descriptions, Quantity, Unit Price and Amount columns in the Purchase Order template.  And as the number of rows increases the form should grow, (move down), keeping all other elements in line.  I envision it similar to a table in a spreadsheet; you can add additional rows in a table and rows below the insertion point move down and keep their alignment and add a page if necessary.  I hope this makes sense.


            Again, thank you for your time and help


            Tony Rodriguez

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              pguerett Level 6

              There are sample that ship with the product that show the dufferentr types of forms. What you are describing is a dynmaic interactive form. The samples are located in the Designer install folder in this location:




              Pay particular attention to the Ourchase Order samples.