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    Major Install Issues

    dcacrobat Level 1

      Just installed Illustrator 9 to a Vista Ultimate machine.  No evidence of issues until launched.  Multiple error messages about brush fonts inports and dlls.  Toobar options are all grayed out.  Changed launch to Windows XP compatibility mode with no change.  Looking for known issues and troubleshooting guidance.

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          Looking for known issues and troubleshooting guidance.


          and then


          Illustrator 9


          I'm afraid this will be going nowhere. Installing a piece of software from the middle ages onto a modern OS is pretty futile. Even CS and CS2 versions are troublesome in that regard. The best you could try is running full virtualization with Paralles, Virtual PC etc. and have an old XP or Win 2000 just for AI 9, but beyond that, upgrading seems much more reasonable.