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    Need some help with a falling object flash

      Hi everyone, this is my first time using these forums so hopefully I'm asking this in the right spot.

      I'm working on a flash right now that I think should be pretty simple, but I'm a novice and don't have it figured out.

      The whole flash consists of falling objects (which I have). In the beginning of the flash I need the objects to fall slowly and not so many comming down. Later in the flash I need them to be comming down faster and many more at a time.

      The one thing is, I need an exact amount of these objects (they're actually stars) to fall throughout the entire flash. They fall while music is playing and while the music is slow there should only be a few and they should fall slowly, but when the music climaxes they should come down faster and many more at a time.

      I have gone through tutorials on how to make snow, so I can easily make these stars fall at complete random, control the speed, and the amount, but I don't know how to fluctuate speed within the middle and how to control an exact amount to fall (I'll need somewhere around exactly 2500 to fall from top to bottom).

      Hopefully that made at least a little sense and I can get some help. Thanks so much.