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    Flash cs4 and windows 7( professional) Question


      I am a rookie. I have a PC with all the necessary clout to run Flash. I have run the program in every mode available, and there are problems with performance.

      There are problems with tools not working (the pencil tool only draws a line upon release) .

      There are problems with importing mp3 files.

      I have installed and reinstalled the suite and nothing changes.

      At this point I am ready to believe that the copy of CS4 I have is somehow corrupt.

      OK I have detailed my frustration what I would like to know is ; Does anyone have a definitive answer as to how to run CS4 in the Windows 7 operating system.

      Has anyone done so without endless problems.

      Does anyone from Adobe have knowledge of the difficulties people are having?

      I'm missing Flash 8


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          I have similar problem.  When I first installed everything seemed to work well.  But then Flash began opening slowly and once the properties panel was accessed it became too slow to use. I spoke with adobe support for around an hour and they ultimately told me to reinstall.  I did this with no change in outcome.  I then reinstalled my graphics driver and that improved performance so now I can use Flash, but it is still extemely slow.  I've noted that on the Windows 7 compatibility page Adobe says that CS4 has been tested with Windows 7 Ultimate and everything is fine.  Perhaps it will only run well in virtual xp mode. Other thing that could be a problem is use of a wacom tablet and it's drivers.  I have to reinstall these frequently and there appears to be a conflict with the windows 7 tablet pc features in that on a couple of occasions these have started up with my tablet.

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            mrMango58 Level 1


            I suffered with installing and uninstalling. I upgraded drivers.I even

            got the local software store to get me a new copy of cs4.Eventually I

            gave up and now I  duel boot "7" with XP (32 bit). I run the cs4

            programme when  I boot into "XP".It works well.When Adobe develops a

            version that is compatible with 64bit I will upgrade and take advantage

            of the improved performance.