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    Due to the changes, this operation cannot participate...


      Okay, let's say I have Zend Framework AMF setup with a "Vendor" database table and a "Module" table.  The Module table has a link to the Vendor table using an "int" (ID) primary key.


      I setup the Vendor service and, for example, my "get" operation gets setup with the input type of "Object".  I change that (using the "Configure input type") to an "int" and then I setup the Data Management on the Vendor server.


      Next, I created the Module service and did the same steps....BUT, when I go to change the input type to "int" for any of the Module services, I get this error message:


      "Due to the changes, this operation cannot participate in data management of "Vendor" data type(s)."


      Can I get a short explaination of this error message and how to (if possible) resolve the problem?