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    Using mixed dv and hdv assets in same project, having issues?


      Premiere Pro CS4-


      Multi cam project using two camera sources, one in DV and one in AVCHD HDV. I attempted this project in PrE but had a chance to upgrade to Pr and was encouraged on the PrE forum to do so. So I did. Also was encouraged to have a fast computer...So we built a new one of those as well. Now I have all the tools and a fancy tool chest, just no skills! This is my first project using Pr...be easy.


      I understood that with Pr I could easily add these differing format assets in the same timeline so that is what I'm trying to do.


      Final output will be DVD so I chose the Canon GL2 settings as the project settings: NTSC DV widescreen 48 kHz.


      When setting up project I chose this setting as that is what my main camera shot (Canon GL2) and what the output will be (standard DVD).


      I then added the two file types to project panel, added them to timeline etc. So far so good. When I view the HDV clips in Source Panel they look great. When I view the sequence in the timeline containing the HDV clips in the Program Panel, I only see about 50% of the frame. It's as if I'm viewing the frame zoomed in about 2 times. Or if I was looking through a camera lens at the "original" view, then zoom in about 200%.


      I rendered a bit from the timeline as it has the red line indicating somethings different? But that did not change the problem.


      My guess would be the project settings are for 720x480 image size and the HDV clips are 1920x1080 and there is something I'm missing?


      I did not think I had to first export the HDV files to DV size before using them in the same project?


      I've tried to search all the tutorials and Adobe helps I could find, but no luck.


      This project is way behind schedule due to new second camera... begets new software...begets new computer...My wife is MAD


      Please help,