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    Capturing HDV...


      I've been capturing HDV footage for the last few weeks now using premiere pro cs4, the quality is really good.. But I've just downloaded Cineform and captured a few clips, I've noticed there is a difference in the file size between a 30 second clip i captured with cine (414kb) and the same sized clip captured in cs4 is about 2 minutes long...?


      There isnt much difference in quality, except that the cs4 clip is deinterlaced or something like that, I'm no pro so I might have this wrong, the footage has lines in it that you can only see when something fast happen, but if your filming a still shot it looks fine... (I think this is when the footage is deinterlaced? I'm not sure)


      Also the footage captured in cine looks really good in cs4 and is a little more taxing on my pc, is this because cine captured the footage better and my computer is struggling? My pc is a quad core 2.6ghz, 4g ram, 64bit windows


      Any help would be greatly appreciated, I've been trying to work this out for a while now!

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Cineform is an intermediate codec. This means that the data flow from capturing is translated into an intermediate Cineform codec, which takes about 3-4 times as much storage space but should be easier to edit with less burden on your system. The fact that it does not show a lesser burden may be caused by a suboptimal disk configuration, that struggles with the data rate required for Cineform intermediates.

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            villain7 Level 1

            ok so I've been playing with the footage captured in cine and I've noticed it struggles untill you watch it once then it seems to be ok... also the footage has a yellow line above it similar to the red render line, but you dont need to render it, its just there...


            I just want to know if there is any point in recapturing the hours of footage I've already captured again using cine, or should i continue using cs4 premiere and forget i ever saw cineform?

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              The yellow line just indicates that the material in the timeline has different properties that the sequence, but need not be rendered.


              No need to recapture.

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                villain7 Level 1

                ok thanks I was a bit stressed out there for a bit