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    Arabic in Flex 4 problem


      Greetings Flex users, I wonder if it's possible to display Arabic text returned from PHP web service in Flex?! I tried to do that in Flash Builder 4 beta 2 using Spark components but the text is being displayed as question marks ????, I changed the encoding to utf-8 in MySQL and MXML, but I had the same issue, I've tested ordinary HTML-PHP webpage and returned correct Arabic characters. is the problem with the AMF3 protocol or it's with the PHP service? I'm trying to develop a web application for Iraqi students submission to universities.
      Any help would be highly appreciated!

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          dr_haydex Level 1

          After lots and lots and lots of researching, the problem was finally solved!! the whole problem was inside the PHP service it self, the soultion was as simple as adding just one statement of code after connecting to the database: mysqli_set_charset($connection,"utf8"). I have also discovered that old mysql commands does't have this problem, the problem is just with the new mysqli. The most amazing thing which made me happy is that Flex 4 supports Arabic and Hebrew very well!