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    Flash settings

    cgabriel223 Level 1

      I have Adobe Premiere Pro CS3


      Hopefully I'm in the right place for this question.


      Not too long ago, I used a freeware program from DVDVideoSoft to create flash files of some video clips and put them on my website.  After a fair amount of trial and error, I got them to work well enough.  I'm not thrilled with the quality though.  I asked a question in their forums why I had to reduce the player size quite a bit smaller than, say, a YouTube player to get the quality to look about equal to YouTube.  The response was that YouTube uses something called H.64, and they use a lower quality H.63 I think it was.


      Then I discovered for the first time today that my Premiere has a way to create flash files.


      So now I'm wondering if I could redo them with Premiere and get something of better quality.


      So my question is, if I create Flash files with Premiere, will they be better than the ones I've got now which came from H.63?  Does Premiere use H.64?  (I apologize if that's a nonsensical or non-applicable question; I'm not a big computer guy.)


      If the Flash files I create with Premiere would indeed be better, my next problem is I don't know what settings to select.  I know the dimensions should be in a 4 x 3 ratio, but as far as video and audio bitrate and whatever else needs to be specified, what would be best to use for posting on a website?  (Light traffic, clips are about five minutes each, I have about a dozen of them.)


      Thanks for any help.