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    i import but there is no video, just audio.


      alright, ive been plagued with this for a few days now, so a responce ASAP would be awesome. ok i have a  Samsung SC-DX103 digital camcorder, and i  do my usual video thing ( skate video's and video game reviews for a few sites). its my 1st week for the review and i ran into this snag. i import the video captured (its an AVI movie) and when its loads in its only sound. now i have tried a lot to fix it.its not the video because the audio and video plays in VLC media player. its just when i import it to premiere (and i tried movie maker) its messes up. also i tried importing a few video i got online and they do the same thing, which is weird b/c i have edited in this program before. any suggestions? please try and help fast, my deadline is wednesday (nov. 4, 2009)...