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    Adobe CS3 Master Collection deactivation buttons grayed out

    Davbeisner Level 1

      I recently installed Adobe CS3 Master Collection on a brand-new installation of Windows 7 (I also have it on my WinVista laptop). Everything went great and it activated properly. Only problem is, I made a mistake when installing Windows 7 and need to reinstall it from scratch. When I go to deactivate Adobe, the deactivate button is grayed out. I've tried it in four of the programs, and it's grayed out in all of them (as is the activate button). Any ideas? I don't want to wipe the hard drive, reinstall windows, reinstall Adobe and then face what appears to be a nightmare of trying to get Adobe support to fix the activation problem.


      Anybody know any reason why the deactivate button would be grayed out or know any other way to deactivate the software? Thanks!