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    Workflow for mpeg files in PRE


      I have spent hours, days and weeks trying to figure out how to work with mpeg files in PRE.  That has been an extremely frustrating process.  Finally I have decided to take the advice of some of the primary moderators on this forum, who suggest using Streamclip to convert mpeg files to AVI.  I purchased the MPEG-2 Playback Component from Apple as suggested and installed all the other necessary software.  I was impressed with the quality of how the AVI files turned out.  However, I ran into a major problem.  The AVI files exported from Streamclip do not have "recorded date" information in their file attributes.  I used a program called MediaInfo to check the exported files.  The "recorded date" field is blank.  The "created date" and "modified date" fields do have a value.  Unfortunately, that value is the current date.


      This creates a significant problem.  If I use Streamclip to convert all of my mpeg files to AVI files it seems that I will lose the ability to sort those files by "recorded date" in the Elements Organizer.


      I am hoping for some good advice how to resolve this problem.  After finally deciding to give up on using mpeg files and just converting everything to AVI files, I thought i was turning a corner in my journey of trying to use PRE.  I think I could get accustom to using the workflow of converting mpegs to AVI, if the resulting AVI files could be organized effectively (i.e. sorted by created date).


      Thanks for any advice or remedies.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          I don't know of any way to maintain metadata on a clip through a conversion, Danny.


          You don't say which version of Premiere Elements you have or what the source of your MPEG files is (downloaded from a camcorder? a DVD? a hi-def file?) but you may be able to use them directly in Premiere Elements.


          Depending on the source, Premiere Elements may be able to see the metatada. If not, you can use a program like DV Date to see it -- though I'm not clear how you plan to work with this information in your workflow so I don't know that it will help.

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            Danny_DeLoach Level 1

            Hi Steve,


            Thanks for engaging with this question.  I have owned every version of PRE since its inception, and I have spent alot of time on this forum.  Many of your posts have been invaluable in my efforts to better understand and use PRE.


            To answer your questions... I am using PRE7.  (I have downloaded the trial version of PRE8, but it caused some problems on my computer.  Maybe that will be the topic of another post ).  My mpeg files came from a Sony DCR-SR200 camcorder that records to a hard drive.


            I was really disappointed to hear that there is no way to retain metadata for a clip when using Streamclip.  So, how do you go about organizing and using video files in your workflow?  I suppose one way is to keep the original mpeg files in the Elements organizer, so that they maintain their proper place chronologically.  But, then if I decide to use some of those files in PRE, I have to convert them first.  That process seems cumbersome to me.  How do you handle that?  Do you just convert files as you need them?  Or maybe you use a workflow that doesn't include mpeg files as the original source.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              Well, my solution won't help you, unfortunately, Danny. My video is all on miniDV or HDV -- both of which edit natively in Premiere Elements.


              Premiere Elements doesn't edit MPEGs natively (and least standard def MPEGs) -- and either you have to convert them to DV-AVIs or the program will convert them to DV-AVIs as you run them through your project.


              The only solution I know of would be to add your own metadata to the clips manually in the Organizer. I don't know that you can change the Date Saved -- but you could add other tags or store them in albums or easier sorting.


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                Danny_DeLoach Level 1

                Hi Steve,


                I appreciate your response.  It sounds like there is no really good way to use MPEGs with PRE.  For a long time I have resisted going the route of converting all of my files, because of the extra space the converted files take up and because of the hassle of converting all of them.  But it looks like going through all of that complicated process still doesn't produce an ideal result.


                Just for your information (or for others who may have the same problem I have and read this post), I am still searching for a way to migrate the metadata to the AVI files exported from Streamclip.  I am holding out home that there might be a way.  All my files are named in the format "YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS", so that the file name contains the date and time of the file's creation.  All I need is a program that can extract that information from the file name and insert it into the appropriate attribute files in the AVI file.  I have found a program called AttributeMagic Pro that may be able to do that.  So far I have been able to change the "created date" and the "modified date" to represent the date the file was recorded, but I have not been able to modify the "recorded date", yet, nor have I been able to modify the time portion of the "created date" and the "modified date".  I'll keep searching.  Hopefully I can find a good solution.


                Thanks, again, for the advice you've given.

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Again, I want to recommend you check out DVdate.


                  I know little about the program, but people who do swear by it! It just might do what you need.