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    Final movie is too big/problem with the compression

    Job87 Level 1

      Hi everybody:)


      I have a small problem with the movie I work with, I know that this question might sound silly but I am not an expert in making movies...


      I begun with importing an hd movie (file size:160MB) to my Premiere Pro CS3.


      I was working with it a little bit, nothing fancy just couple of effects added.


      Then when I tried to export it I get like 560mb file.This is way too much, since I am interested in getting down to 40, 50 mb or even less.


      I tried some diffrent compressors, once I even got into 3,4GB (lol) but never below 500mb...


      Here are the settings that are available and give me a 500 mb file:


      file type: microsoft dv avi
      compressor: DV PAL
      frame rate:25 fps
      pixel aspect ratio: D1/DV PAL widescreen 16:9(1.422)
      -recompress: maintain data rate



      Could anybody help me with me problem?