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    ACR 5.5 doesn't show color profiles...


      ...although they are installed and were installed a few times :/

      When I open a RAW from sony alpha 350, it only shows Adobe Standard, Adobe Standard beta 2 and Adobe 4.4 profiles I don't even know how the list of profiles should look because it NEVER showed me any other profiles than these 3


      I am using CS4 with ACR 5.5 on 32 bit windows XP sp3




      p.s. I did most of the tricks i found here incl. manual installation and updates :/

      i can't find the profiles on my disk either, although i have installed them many times :/

      seems like if they install somewhere, but i can't find them anywhere on the pc


      another edit:

      The FAQ says the profiles should be saved to :

      C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles

      after installation i still DON'T have that folder on my pc although it says it installed OK...