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    create nested movie clip

    slukacs Level 1

      hello one and all,


      i am new to flash, i have cs4.  i created a 3 second flash animation of a logo.  i would like to export that into other flash projects, so that those projects will play the logo first.  so what is the best and most efficient way to do that?  i have tried to export the logo.fla file as a movie clip or swf file but importing it into a new flash project is a bit weird, like it doesn't come in as a single symbol, but as all of the components that make up the original animation.  i have watched many tutorials on nested timelines, but i can not find one on creating a mulitlayered movie clip in a separate fla file and then importing that as a single symbol into a new project fla.  any suggestions or tutorials?


      thank you, lucas

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          publish your fla to a swf and load the swf in your other projects.

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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Someone else may offer something else, but I would suggest creating the animation as a movieclip with a file and then copying/pasting that movieclip from the library of that file into the library of the file(s) you intend to include it in, and then just plant it in the file's timeline as desired..


            Another option would be to dynamically load the swf version of the file when your other files run, but that may be more work than the copy/paste approach.


            When you import an swf file into an fla's library, it is not anything you can control and it loses any actionscript, so importing an swf into a file is not a good solution in most cases.

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              slukacs Level 1

              ok, i tried this.  i created a movie clip under the logo.fla and then copied the layers,tweens, and symbols that created the original logo into the nested timeline of the movie clip.  saved the fla.  then i opened a new project and imported into the library the movie clip of the logo.fla file with the "Always update before publishing" option checked off.  i then moved the mc symbol onto the stage at the first frame.  i funny problem was that the clip was not visible under the main timeline so that i could position the mc on the stage appropriately.  weird, but after reloading the fla file it became visible.  any reason for that?


              so the logo.fla file is 72 frames.  is it best to stretch 72 frames on the main timeline so that the logo can play out and then create the rest of the animations thereafter, or is there a way to start on frame 2 with the animations but only start there after the nested 72 frames of the logo.fla finish playing?


              ultimately, i would like to create like "chapters" of nested movie clips and have a single continuous audio that has set cue points, done in soundbooth, and when the cue points are hit, the next chapter or nested movie clip is played.  sort of sync things together nicely.  i can not find any good tutorials on how to do this.  any suggestions?


              thanx, lucas