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    Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.2 Bug! Maybe!?

    Santo_3 Level 1

      Hey all!First of all I am new to the forum and i'd like to take the chance to say Hello to averyone in this usefull forum! HELLO! 


      I have just installed Acrobat reader 9.2 downloading from the website adobe.com. All went great and it worked fine. Than suddenly (did not even turn my pc off) anything I double click-on does not open and an acrobat reader window pops up telling me that acrobat cannot open that window. Hmm I go to control panel but guess what!? I cannot open that either as the same window pops up telling me the same thing!

      By chance I noticed that if I right click the program i need to open and click open, it actually does! So i used that procedure to open Ccleaner and unistall acrobat reader 9.2 and all came back to normal!

      Funny thing is that its the third time i do this! Am I doing something wrong? Everytime i re-install acrobat the same thing happens over and over again!

      Any Hint???


      Thank you very much for any help might come this way!   ;D