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    after effects can't handle a simple gradient


      Hi there


      was wondering if anyone can help me seeing how adobe tech support over the phone have not been helpful in the slightest.


      I am using production premium cs4, I mostly  after effects and photoshop,  I work on a very  high spec mac pro with snow leopard, however after effects runs very slow, often not being able to give me a full ram preview even after using the edit > purge> all  function.


      One of the many issues I am dealing with is how it cant handle any sort of gradient, it justi've included a picture below. This is constantly flickering even when i'm not scrubbing across the time line.


      Photoshop is the other screen image, this happens pretty much every time I open a file no matter what its size.


      I've tried checking and un-checking the open GL switch but that does nothing.



      Everything else on the mac works fine! Super fast infact, I've had to use imovie and Gimp (open source image editor) to get things done as the adobe software is really slow and crashes all the time.


      I hope somebody out there can help,



      Thank you for reading.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I'm still waiting for Adobe to transfer my 20000 Euros so I can buy me one of those shiny Macs along with some software , so I can't advise (have avoided 10.6 like the pest on my MacBook), but if you want an honest opinion: Your graphics card is defective or something is up with your motherboard and the slot it is mounted in (not unheard of, given how Apple designs its stuff around the lowest margins, leaving barely any headroom). Never in the world can any rudimentary screen drawing operation cause such artifacts otherwise. I really would replace it, eitehr the card or the whole machine.



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            TimeRemapper Level 4

            As Mylenium suggests, it does sound like it could be a gfx card issue, however, before pursuing hardware fixes, have you installed all Adobe updates for CS4?

            It would be easiest to install them via the Adobe Updater.

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              ash_hills Level 1

              Thank you both for the quick response :-)


              i will look into the GFX card as a possiblity, but i dont understand if that is the issue why is everything else fine? just checked on the adobe updater ap and it says there are no new updates for me.




              ash  ∑:-3

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Graphics card issues are quite specific. Often they only show under duress, i.e. when the card heats up and a loose pin or chip socket causes problems because its conductivity is reduced. Or the card is simply getting to hot. Of course try software solutions and fixes first as well as open the case and look for mechanical problems, but usually such severe issues are really somewhere in teh electronic components.



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