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    Premiere Pro CS3 - export to Avi


      I have been using Topaz enhance to upsize my SD footage to 1280 x 720 HD with some good results, I have to encode the footage to H264 (MPG4)

      The process is very time consuming.


      Is it poss to render the 1280 x 720 file to an Avi of the same output size? - Premiere changes it back to 720 x 576 when I export to Avi


      The other question - How many times can you encode an Mp4 file as I have to bring the Topaz HD files back into the project?


      The Mp4 files do not play well on my system 3.4ghz 3gb ram when using various players but play ok when exported into a new Premiere Cs3 project.


      An Avi would speed up the render process.


      Hope someone can help