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    How do YOU organize images in RH8?

    James K. Patrick

      Morining all,


      I guess I've been a bit ignorant in my use of the Project Manager in RH8. I've been adding images right and left, and not paying attention to where RH8 stores them.


      So at this point, I've got all my images in the root Images folder. Of course RH8 refers to them properly in the HTML with "../../image.gif".


      My question to you: how do you organize your images in RH?

      Do you just dump them all in the root Images folder like me?

      Do you place them in the subfolder for the topic they're used in under the Images folder?

      Do you only put "common" or "shared" images in the root Image folder?

      Do you create your own set of folders under Images to group them according to the unique needs of your project?


      Just wondering if I'm shooting myself in the foot by not having an image management scheme in place. Will I regret it down the road?


      The same questions could apply to Baggage files as well.


      Thanks in advance for your views/philosophy on image management.