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    PPro CS4 to FLV with alpha

    Inger123 Level 1

      I have been trying for the past few days to export from PPro CS4 with AME to produce a FLV with alpha. I successfully am able to pull a decent key and wish to import the flv to Flash to a swf. Problem is, it doesn't carry the alpha and the key is black. In AME, i select a FLV, codec is On2 VP6, and check off Encode Alpha channel. My timeline is a Matrox-HD 720p @ 23.98 and have tried the Adobe DVCPRO Hd as well, but with no success.


      I am able to do this in AF, but it is a Two step process where i have to make either a QT or AVI millions+, then use AME to encode that, and That works!


      So why cant i save a step and this from PPro?




      Matrox AXIO LE

      Vista 64 ultimate

      HP 8400 12G ram

      CS4 latest updates.