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    Trouble burning to Blu-Ray with PE 7.0


      I have tried for the last few months to burn a 2 hour video to Blu-Ray.  I ahve burned shorter videos to a rewritable blu-ray disc with success but this video is just barely over the max (24/sec) quality.  Even when I shorten it to the hgih quality length it still freezes up and crashes.  I have made each chapter a saved file, so there are only 40 files and two items on the menu (move & slideshow).  I have tried all the trouble shooting and even called adobe support.  After a couple of hours they suggested I increase my virtual memory to 8000/10000  I have a quad-core processor and 4 gigs of RAM running XP pro.  I just want to burn to blu-ray and DVD and cannot.  Is their a trick that I don't know or is this product just worthless when it comes to burning.  I tried changing the names of my files from m2t to mpeg and that didn't work either.  I am soooo frustrated...


      I'm willing to try just about anything.  Has their been any more luck with the new 8.0 version--it sure came out quick since 7.0

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Version 8 came out one year after version 7 -- which has been the pattern since the program was first introduced.


          As for burning to BluRay, I don't know that version 8 does it any better (or differently) than version 7.


          And,  unfortunately, I don't know of any magic fix for your problem either. Although this Adobe KB article has some things to try.


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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            BTW, you say you're trying to burn to BluRay AND to DVD?


            What are your source files for this piece? What kind of camcorder did they come from and how did you get them into your computer?


            What happens if you output a standard definition DV-AVI from your project? If you open a standard DV project and import this file into it, can  you burn a DVD file to a folder on your hard drive?

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              Allen Joy

              Hi ,


              What is the format of your videos? Also are you using the proper burning setrtings while burning to blu-ray. There are 8 options to burn and choose wisely.ie NTSC/ PAL,1440*1080i / 1920*1080i. Also you have not mentioned whether you were able to start the burn or not ? It crashed before the burn or while burning your  movie ?


              Few more ways to troubleshoot-

              1)Render the timeline

              2)Export to DV-AVI to see whether export is working fine.


              Please let me know the results.So we could help you out.

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                jsnunn@yahoo.com Level 1

                My original format is AVCHD.  Since I had so many cuts/edits/transitions I saved wach chapter as a high def file (I think H.264 1920x1080i) It saved it as a xxx.m2t file.  I then used those 40 files in one 2 hours movie.  That is where I am having trouble.  I have pretty much doen every trouble-shooting thing that they list and the closest thing I get to is a 16 hour-encoding process that fails at 98%.  I have even sucessfully saved the entire 2 hour movie as one huge file, but I still can't get it to burn.  Like I said I have been able to burn shorter movies successfully, but there is something wrong or different with this one.  I have tried several different things to change it (probably 20-30 times) and it either crashes while encoding the 2nd of 6 menus or it "unexpectedly quit"  I am so frustrated with this.  I had great success with version 2.0 & 4.0    The only thing I haven't tried is burning my 7.0 project in 4.0 (I uninstalled it after 7.0)  I think 4.0 burns to blu-ray but it won't edit avchd like 7.0   I am currently successfully burning (Fingers crosses) in 8.0 trial version and will be really upset with adobe if they simply fixed their product and I have to shell out another $100 because they didn't get it right when they first released it.  Has anyone else had this many problems buring long projects. Like I said I reduced the size of the project down to full qulity (24.00/sec) and that still doesn't work.  I'll try anything.

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                  jsnunn@yahoo.com Level 1

                  Sorry i just rambled on before and didn't answer your question--I have tried prerendering (failed) and I was under the impression that the dv-avi format was only dvd-quality (even though that won't work either)

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                    Allen Joy Level 1

                    Since it is not getting rendered, it means that there are faulty frames in your video. To know whether your video has faulty frames or not look at the left bottom screen of PRE with red cross mark.Clicking on that will display all the faulty frames in your video. In case of faulty frames no export option such as Dv-AVI, Mpeg and burn to dvd and blu-ray will work.


                    In PRE 8 , these issues have been taken care of so you are able to burn with the trial version

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                      jsnunn@yahoo.com Level 1

                      I have rendered it successfully, but it still won't finish, although I haven't tried that as many times because it takes so long to pre-render.


                      How do I know which frames are messed up since I have saved each individual chapter.


                      The problem I had was my chapters were getting too complicated so I saved each chapter as a HD file, which are saved as m2t files.  Could there still be bad frames even though they were saved successfully as a file?

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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        I saw your CPU & RAM info, but did not see your HDD specs. How many physical HDD's, their size, speed and amount of defragmented free space would be useful info. Please also list how your HDD's are allocated, i.e. C:\ OS and programs, D:\ media, and so on. Also, I see that you upped your Page File at the request of Adobe T/S. Is it dynamically managed, or is it static? I am assuming the latter. For a static Page File (what I use), the recommended size is 2 - 2.5x the physical RAM. That would be 8 - 10GB of static Page File. Are you now set to the 10GB of Static Page File size?


                        One consideration, when burning to DVD/BD is that one requires much more HDD space, than just the resulting file - much more. After several Projects, it is common to run out of available HDD space if one does not do some "housekeeping." That is why I am questioning your HDD space.


                        Good luck,



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                          jsnunn@yahoo.com Level 1

                          Adobe tech support told me to go up to 8000/10000, but it messed up my computer so I put back down to 3000.  I'm not sure what all that means.  My HDD is 1 Tb and not even half full.  I used to be able to get to 98% and now it won't get past menu encoding.  I also tried version 8.0 and it worked fine once time with no menu but then I tried again and I worked on it for 2 hours and had to restart abot 20 times to try it and it didn't ever work again.  Is this something normal with this software or does it just not work for anyone.  Does it work on a Mac?  Cna I use those m2t files in a different Blu-Ray software so i could burn it.  I just thought this did everything from capture to burn and I cannot get it to work.  it's so frustrating. 



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                            the_wine_snob Level 9

                            OK, the good news is that you have a large, only partially used HDD. The bad news is that you only have one. What that means is that your OS is fighting with your NLE program, plus the media and the Page File for reads/writes.


                            What Adobe T/S was probably going for was a static Page File, about 2 - 2.5x your physical RAM. I like a static Page File for two reasons: you set it at boot and it's easy to defrag the HDD, and provide that same Page File all of the time, and the OS does not need to monitor the Page File usage, and dynamically manage your Page File, expanding and shrinking it to suit. Even with a handful of HDD's, I go with the static management on all of my computers. Sorry that this messed up your OS. What problems did you encounter?


                            BTW - PrE is not available for the Mac.


                            Good luck,