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    Flickering Hourglass/Arrow and Deleted Files (RH8; WebHelp)


      On Friday, I made a lot of changes to a relatively large project, and left for the weekend. This morning (2:00 am or so) I planned to make some small updates to the project and then publish for our users today.


      My hourglass flickered for 10 - 15 minutes between hourglass and arrow, and when I next looked, three folders of topics were missing - one with critical screen prints.


      I could not access topics or folders.  I could not close the project.  I could not save the project.  I could not import said missing files.  And, as you may have guessed, when I displayed/previewed my content, my screen print icon (a clever little camera ditty) had no content and displayed an error:



      I oepn my project with all the folders and topics I need, and lose once I display / preview only one topic.



      Start of Project (After Opening and Prior to Displaying)



      After Previewing the Files





      I tested the time change theory and that doesn't seem to be my issue.  Could this have something to do with the Time Change issue posted by EGinM about 3 hours ago (9:30 CST) today?  It made some difference, but did not solve my issue.  I haven't lost the files (yet).


      I renamed the .cpd file and had no success.


      Seems that everytime I move the cursor, I get an hour glass.


      I'm about out of ideas.  Any help?