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    RH 8 losing track of topics




      RoboHelp HTML 8 gave me a Monday this morning.  I opened the program to find 70 topics missing from the WebHelp project I am authoring.  The HTML files still existed on the hard drive and were not damaged but they were no longer included in the project.  I manually restored the missing files and everything appears to be OK at this point.  The project was backed up to the server so the project was not in jeopardy but it was time consuming to restore that many files.


      I checked Friday’s output, both WebHelp and Printed Documentation.  Both are fine.  Whatever happened to the files happened over the weekend.


      Has anyone else experienced this?  Any thoughts, insights, etc. gratefully received.




      Gary G. Robinson

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          There are several threads covering this and right now we don't know the real cause. The symptom is the CPD growing quicker than we are accustomed to but we don't know why that is.


          If you manually reimported the topics, the chances are the CPD is still large and you could hit the same issue again.


          You might want to try this. Zip up the project so that you have the latest work safe. Rename the CPD and open the project again. See Opening Projects on my site and check your project carefully.


          For now, consider working with "Clear Project Cache..." ticked. Each time you close the project, zip it up. That way if there is a problem on reopening,


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            Janatwork Level 1

            Peter and Gary,


            Could something like this be the source of the problem --


            Since many of us RoboHelp users have just started experiencing this "missing files" problem this week, could the problem relate to some Windows patch or Office patch that our companies may have pushed out to our PCs over the weekend? Might there be something in a Windows or Office patch that interferes with RoboHelp working correctly?


            ...just a thought from a rather non-techy user...



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              ggr25 Level 1

              Could be.  My first thought was that must have been an Adobe update which caused it but the last one we received was on Thursday, last week.  Fortunately, I haven't had a reoccurrence of the problem.


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                RoboColum(n) Level 5

                I doubt that is it. I have all the updates installed and have suffered no problems at all. Now of course it maybe a combination of an update and a specific RH project configuration?


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